Who We Are

About Our Founder


Laurie in preschool focused on painting 

and fast forward 35 years, not much has changed!

Laurie earned her MFA, Arizona State University, 2001 and BFA, University of Michigan, 1996, concentrating on both drawing and ceramics.

Prior to starting Graphite Squad, she taught Drawing, 2D Design, 3D Design, Ceramics and Ceramics Chemistry at Arizona State University, Mesa Community College, Mesa Arts Center, Central Arizona College, Middle Tennessee State University, Grand Valley State College, The Contemporary Austin Art School and served as a volunteer docent at the Contemporary Austin. Laurie has taught private drawing lessons for 14 years, where she honed her curriculum with adult and children- testing what worked universally and what students needed individually- to be able to learn to draw. During Laurie’s own childhood, her Mom served on the School Board of the Grand Rapids Public Schools and was a Teacher’s Aid. She grew up knowing the importance of, not only a great education and the need for equitable access to education, but also knowing the value of quality teaching.

Our Purpose

We wish to share the gift of PRESENCE (quieting the mind to perceive true awareness of our visual world), to create ease and mastery in EMBODIMENT (how to move our brain, eyes, hands and the physical matter of graphite and paper) so that all who endeavor may have the practice of a PERSONAL EXPRESSION of beauty by way of drawing.

Our Vision

We aim to inspire a beginner’s mind & wonder about the visual world while making college-level drawing curriculum accessible & rewarding for schools, school districts & the children they serve.

Our Values

We will serve school districts, schools, administrators, teachers, and children with the highest level of professional study, integrity & easy collaboration.
You can expect prompt communication, ownership of our responsibility to you as a customer, delight and empathy with you as a human being while collaboratively bringing this program to your students.